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Living in Montreal, you spend most of the year indoors dreaming up what you're going to do with those few weeks of summer when the skiing is bad. Now that the Grand Prix isn't around anymore, Canadian gearheads are looking for other ways to get their kicks. And when a retired engineer and a racing driver are penned up together in a snowstorm, this is what you get: the W3 Triposto.

The brainchild of Clyde and Hugh Kwok, the W3 Triposto takes a Porsche 911 and turns it into a unique speedster. Its open-air cockpit features 1+2 seating, like the McLaren F1, wrapped in pseudo-retro bodywork reminiscent of the 1958 Porsche 718 RSK (albeit one realized in carbon-Kevlar and aluminum). The flat-six has been tuned to deliver 300 horsepower, which propels the W3 to a face-shredding claimed top speed in excess of 300 km/h (186 miles-per-hour). Kwok and Son prefer working with 90's-era Carreras, but will gladly perform the conversion on any 911 for a princely $250,000, or $300k for a turn-key model. You'll just have to wait until the snow melts to take it for a spin.

[Source: W3 Triposto via Jalopnik]

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