The temporary home of many one-of-a-kind cars, eBay has been giving shelter to this factory-converted 1982 Ford Exp EV for some time now. Currently having one bid of $8,000, it's reserve unmet and only hours to go before the auction ends, we thought we'd give our readers a heads-up on this rare opportunity to own a piece of EV history. This Exp, along with 3 others, was built by EVA in Cleveland on a Ford-supplied glider using Soleq components and boasts (though not loudly) a big ol' honkin' 34 hp General Electric shunt-wound DC motor and regenerative brakes.

Said to be capable of 70 mph, the coupe has only 7,857 miles on the odometer and though its aged batteries may only be good for a 20-mile range, a fresh set of lead-acids could carry you 65 miles. No word whether its internet domain is included in the deal. Feel free to peruse the gallery below for more pics. Thanks to Terry for the tip!

[Source: eBay]

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