Can't win for losing: Chrysler criticized for "Thank You" ads

After receiving at least $4 billion dollars in low cost government loans, Chrysler, LLC thought the least it could do was thank the American people for their support. Instead of calling a press conference or writing a heart-felt letter to major newspapers, team Pentastar thought it best to take out full page ads in newspapers across America. Actually, maybe it wasn't such a good idea (not to mention several pop-up text ads). It seems there are quite a few Americans that don't like the fact that Chrysler found the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars taking out ads in papers when the company is struggling to remain in business. The full page ads were run in papers including the USA Today and Wall Street Journal, where the price of a full-page ad can reportedly cost up to $264,000.

Action group American Solutions calls the ads "a precise example of the fact that they do not get it" and Americans for Tax Reform likened Chrysler's ads to a polite robber that said please and thank you but still made off with the cash. It's not surprising that special interest groups would jump on the ads, but apparently some tax-paying Americans are just as displeased. A click over to Chrysler's blog shows some angry responses. There are 15 consumer responses so far, and none of them are positive. We're no ad gurus, but this didn't seem like a very good idea from the start, and it appears we're not alone.

[Source: Fox News]

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