The details aren't clear yet, but a fire at a Flint, Michigan home is being preliminarily attributed to spinning tires. When Samantha Hendricks returned home Tuesday evening, she had a hard time getting up her icy driveway. Giving the car a healthy bit of gas to get up the slick pavement, as most of us do, she created a fair bit of wheelspin. Some time after parking the car in the garage, the people inside began to smell smoke and discovered it was coming from the car. Unable to extinguish the source of the smoke, the car caught on fire and took the entire house -- and all of the gifts and possessions inside -- with it. Investigators haven't yet determined if it was the spinning tires that caused the fire, but the burn pattern indicates that it had something to do with the car. The question is, what could it be?
[Source: ABC12/WJRT]

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