What goes around comes around, or so the saying goes. This is certainly true for Prodrive's front-man David Richards, who never seems to be lacking for opportunities. Having run racing programs for Subaru, Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche, MG, Alfa Romeo, Ford and Ferrari – to name just a few – Richard's Prodrive outfit was contracted by Honda to run its Formula One program, then running under the BAR banner. Honda then decided to operate the team in-house, and Richards moved towards fielding his own entry. As it turns out, neither plan panned out, and Richards is now considering leading a consortium of investors to acquire the Honda team anew.

Similar to the deal that saw Richards take the reins at Aston Martin, the veteran racing guru is talking with Investment Dar about financing the operation. Of course, Richards would assume his old role as team principal, especially given his newfound free time since Subaru canceled its partnership with Prodrive in the World Rally Championship.

[Source: Autosport.com | Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty]

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