Poor countries usually don't have enough resources, and people who earn the median income often can't afford new cars. Instead, they rely on getting used imports. This is the case in Peru, where the government has just authorized importing used cars until 2010. However, this authorization has a serious drawback: while Peruvian citizens will continue to have cheap cars available, they'll miss out on many of the latest anti-pollution technologies. Therefore, the Minister of Ecologic Affairs, Antonio Brack, has stated that the practice of importing other country's hand-me downs should be phased out after 2010, because it floods the market with dirty vehicles (see also: the Emirates). Of course, he's missing an answer to the question of what cars would be affordable then, but bear in mind that most of the cars currently imported are totaled vehicles (from floods, accidents), purchased at knock off prices elsewhere and fixed.

[Source: EP via Econoticias]

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