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Well, here it is the end of the year and Christmas is upon us once again. Wouldn't it be a great gift to get a brand-new electric car? For those individuals that have placed deposits with Aptera, which has been working towards a goal of making its first deliveries by the end of 2008, things are not looking promising. Emails have gone out to some people with deposits placed saying that Customer Service has left until the new year, which has got members at Aptera Forum wondering if any of the rest of the crew is still at work. If not, it'd be pretty difficult to get any cars delivered, right?

Rumors are currently circulating that the Steve Fambro, the man behind the Aptera project in the first place, might get the keys to a "production" Aptera as part of a symbolic ceremony, but we're not so sure that should really even count as a delivery. We'll see... there are still a few days left of the year, but we're not holding our breath. We have little reason to doubt that deliveries will in fact take place, but probably not until next year. Thanks to all who tipped in!

[Source: Aptera Forum]

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