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There is no Christmas holiday break for the Th!nk bankruptcy/bailout story. The latest from Leif:

Think was actually put under "public administration" Friday. This is a scary word for the state stepping in and freezing all payments to creditors while a company tries to settle a volunteer-based downpayment of the debt. If a solution is not reached, the company tends to go much further south, as one can imagine. The lawyer appointed by the state to work the case is optimistic about Think's possibilities for raising more capital. As a result of this development, the political hurra-meeting that was to take place has been postponed so that the Think executives can give these negotiations their full attention. I know this seems very dramatic but, as I always say: There is nothing so bad that it's not good for something =)

In the sideshow, Peter Stordalen seems to have gone sour over the whole deal and how he is being treated by the media

[Source:, E24]

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