UPDATE: Thanks to commenters Mike, ebm14, and dosahut, all of whom explain that the verbiage in the post at VWvortex simply indicates the point at which the standard Passat sedan switches from an '08 to an '09, and the end of production for the model. So basically, the lineup stays as is with the two Passats and the CC. Or, put more plainly, never mind.

UPDATE 2: VW confirms that the Passat's back for '09. Nothing to see here. Move along...

When VW unveiled the Passat CC at Detroit last January, a lot of us wondered whether it ought to simply be theVWvortex forums has posted what's reportedly a list of product changes for the upcoming year. Most of them are completely mundane, but for the Passat sedan, the change listed says, "Updated End of Production Date - wk 51/08." We read that as being the 51st week of 2008, which is this coming week. Assuming it's all on the level (we've got an email in to VW for confirmation), come 2009, the Passat Wagon's counterpart in U.S. showrooms will be the CC. Makes sense to us. Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: VWvortex]

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