The Wall Street Journal Magazine has published an interesting look at the battle between Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive. The rival California startups are both trying to build premium electrically-driven cars but are taking very different approaches. The stories of the two companies have taken some strange twists and turns as Henrik Fisker was once called upon to pen the shape of what was supposed to become Tesla's second car, the Model S. Even after announcing the launch of Fisker's own company, Tesla chairman Elon Musk brought Fisker back in to do more work on the Model S before Fisker left for good. Fisker and Tesla have taken very different approaches to the drivetrains of their respective vehicles as well, with Tesla sticking with nothing but batteries while Fisker has opted for the extended range electric vehicle route.

One thing the WSJ article fails to address is whether ultimately either company will prove to be financially viable in these difficult economic times. With sales of everything on the market, including premium cars, declining faster than the stock market, it's unclear how long the backers will hold out and whether buyers will step up to the plate for these expensive machines.

[Source: Wall Street Journal Magazine]

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