A tipster dropped us a note to let us know that XtremeGreenProducts is lining up dealers to start selling its electric two-wheelers in the near future. In spite of the name, there doesn't appear to be anything particularly "extreme" about these machines. However, they do have some pretty decent specs that may give them a leg up on Vectrix.
The motorcycle is listed as having a 4 kW hub motor and a 2.88 kWh lithium ion battery pack. The battery is claimed to give a 95 mile range and a top speed "approaching" 65 mph. The motorcycle has a fairly moderate 266 lb mass.

The motor scooter is expected to come in two models differentiated by the motor and battery capacity. Like the motorcycle, both scooters use hub motors with 3.0 and 3.5 kW outputs, respectively. Those motors are also fed by lithium ion battery packs with 2.4 kWh and 3.6 kWh yielding 50 and 75 mile ranges. No word on pricing yet. Thanks to John for the tip!

[Source: XtremeGreenProducts]

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