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There's an old adage in motorcycling, applying to dirtbikes mostly, that if a manufacturer doesn't have many updates to make for a specific model year, there's always Bold New Graphics. Such is the case with the 2009 edition of the Vectrix maxiscooter, which also gets a new name for the new model year. Now known as the Vx-1, the electric scooter doesn't see any real changes to its drivetrain, but that's fine by us. After all, the battery-powered two-wheeler was already a darn good performer, sporting a top speed of 62 miles per hour and downright sporty acceleration of 0-50mph in just under 7 seconds.

A line of accessories is also new for 2009. Such conveniences as a lower seat option for those who are a bit shorter than average and a new wide windscreen - perfect for keeping those cold winter blasts off as you commute on your electric machine all year round.

But wait, there's more! Vectrix reports that it's working on two new models that should be ready for sale sometime in 2009 and will debut on December 5 at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach. One is the Vx-1e, which sports a lower top speed, slower acceleration and, of course, a lower price to go along with it. The other model is known as the Vx-3 and is destined for urban riding only and is said to be comparable with a typical 50cc gas-powered scooter. That's something to look forward to.

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Vectrix Unveils 2009 Vx-1 Personal Electric Vehicle at Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

New seat, vibrant colors and accessories designed to attract a wider range of riders.

Long Beach, Cal. - December 5-7, 2008 -Vectrix Corporation (, the world leader in highway legal, two-wheel Personal Electric Vehicles, is set to unveil its 2009 Vx-1 to the world at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show at Long Beach Convention Center Dec. 5-7.

In addition to displaying the Vx-1 with new graphics in four vibrant colors, Vectrix also plans to announce a new line of accessories that make the vehicle accessible to a wider range of customers-particularly women-including a lower, narrower seat to accommodate riders with smaller frames.
Vectrix will be located at the Scooter Pavilion.

In 2008, Vectrix saw 321 percent growth in its distribution network, expanding from 38 to 160 dealers mostly in the second half of the year. Sales grew 156 percent for the year. The company's tremendous growth reflects rising consumer demand for and excitement about electric vehicles, the company said.
"The success of the Vectrix dealer network shows consumers are ready for new commuting alternatives," said Mike Boyle, Vectrix CEO. "Vectrix appeals to men and women of all ages, and our new accessories make the Vx-1 available to everyone looking for good clean fun."

One of the most important new accessories in the 2009 catalogue is an optional seat that is significantly lower than the Vx-1 standard seat and shaped to give riders with a smaller frame the ability to place both feet on the ground at each stop. Other new options include a sport windshield about 7 inches lower than standard for riders who like the feel of wind in their face, and a winter windshield nearly 9 inches wider than standard that offers additional protection from wind and insects. Lastly, a new center stand offers more convenient parking and raises the rear tire off the ground for easy tire maintenance.
The Vx-1 2009 models are expected to be available for purchase at U.S. dealerships by January 1, 2009.

Engineered to provide an eco-friendly, powerful alternative for commuting and recreational needs, the Vx-1:
• Reaches top speed of 62 mph and offers acceleration from 0-50 mph in 6.8 seconds.
• Has an average range of 30-55 miles on a single charge.
• Offers minimal maintenance, simple operation and low noise.
• Features sophisticated design efficiencies including a high-efficiency gearbox and drive train, aluminum construction for weight reduction and long life and aerodynamic styling to reduce drag.
• Weighs 515 pounds, has a 60-inch wheelbase and 30-inch seat height, seats two comfortably and is highway legal.

Vectrix plans to introduce two additional models in Spring/Summer 2009, the Vx-1e and Vx-2. The Vx-1e uses the same platform and drive train as the Vx-1, but features a lower price point, a more urban commuter driver profile with slightly less acceleration and top speed. The Vx-2 will be a smaller and more compact electric equivalent of a 50cc internal combustion engine (ICE) bike and use both U.S. and European designs. The Company expects to add additional power profiles to this product up to the electric equivalent of a 150cc ICE motorbike.
In response to rising gas prices, the two-wheel industry is up about 50 percent this year and is the fastest growing segment of the transportation industry. The all-electric Vectrix is extremely economical, running at just one cent per mile and the equivalent of 357 miles per gallon, compared with 14 mpg for a leading SUV and 46 mpg for a leading hybrid car. Leading gas-powered motorcycles and scooters range from 52 to 87 mpg.

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