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A crew from Al Gore's Current TV was able to chat up Peter Scolari's better half (that'd be Tom Hanks, above) about driving his all-electric eBox, the converted Scion xB and visit the AC Propulsion headquarters for an interview with CEO Tom Gage. Current host Kristen Reeves opens her report by saying that AC Propulsion can convert pretty much any car to electric drive, but the company has focused on turning the xB into the eBox, i.e., Tom Hanks' favorite car. Watch the report after the jump.

AC Propulsion also supplied the electric drive system for BMW's 500-strong MINI E test fleet. Regular readers will know that the MINI E turns on the brake lights when the driver's foot is removed from the acceleration pedal because of the strong regen brake system. Hearing Gage talk about slowing down in the eBox in the video makes us wonder if the converted Scion does the same thing.

[Source: Current]

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