VIDEO: Relive the 2008 F1 championship in 8 minutes

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The 2008 F1 Drivers World Championship was one of the most exciting in years. Over the course of its 18 races, several drivers and teams had noteworthy performances, with the championship ultimately being decided in the final corner of the final lap of the final race. Those who watched that the race in Brazil will undoubtedly remember the heartbreak of Felipe Massa's family and the jubilation of Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend. While some were quick to blame Timo Glock for his amazing reduction in pace into that final turn, others rightly know that a championship is about the whole season and not just one race. And what a season it was.

For some it was the realization of the promise that Lewis Hamilton showed in his rookie season before his inexplicable late-season collapse last year. For others it was pure devastation at seeing Felipe Massa rise to his own prominence at Ferrari only to see mid-season mistakes rob him of crucial points and ultimately the championship. We just came across a video clip called "Down to the Final Corner." It was compiled by Pistola and it lets you relive the season in about eight minutes. It's a collection of the highs and lows with some of the razzle and dazzle of F1 thrown in for flavor. We've posted it after the jump to remember the season that was. With all of the changes coming to Formula 1 for 2009, we might not see anything like it for a long time to come.

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Down to the Final Corner from Pistola on Vimeo.

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