Police detectives in Indianapolis will soon be tooling around to crime scenes using considerably less fuel. The city has purchased 85 Toyota Camry Hybrids for use by the department. The cars won't be used for pursuit purposes since, frankly, any Camry would be wildly inappropriate for that task. The primary reason for choosing the Camry was its 33 mpg EPA city fuel economy rating which is expected to save the city a significant amount in operating costs.

The choice of the Camry is not without controversy however. The city also considered the Chevrolet Malibu hybrid which was offered at a price $1,700 less than the $25,770 being paid for the Toyotas. Penske Chevrolet is protesting the choice but city officials have said the decision is based primarily on the mileage advantage of the Camry over the Malibu, which is rated at 26 mpg city.

[Source: Indianapolis Star]

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