Click above for gallery of the GYM Concept Car by Da Feng

The GYM Concept Car pictured above is an electric car that can be partially recharged using muscle power. It's actually a design project by Coventry University design student Da Feng that incorporates exercise equipment into the design. Think of it as a rolling gym that allows the owner to take his or her workout on the road. The car itself is a single-seater with a lightweight, injection-molded, magnesium alloy chassis and carbon fiber bodywork, and it's powered by an electric motor. The novel part is that the batteries can be recharged conventionally by plugging it into an electric socket, or through the use of the onboard workout machinery. When the vehicle is parked, the driver can use any or all of the built-in equipment to generate electricity for the charge. There's a stepping machine and a rowing machine available using the sliding seat, pedals and steering wheel. There's also a bench press or pull up simulator that uses the seat and an overhead handle. The arm rests can even be used for curls due to their tensioned resistance. Sadly, there are no pedal-kart pedals to provide forward motion.

[Source: Autoblog]

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