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The Bentley Continental series is a lot of fun. The cars look good, are appropriately sybaritic and, most importantly, they go like stink. The have all-wheel drive, too – mostly to help keep Johnny Swell's 550-horsepower chariot on the pavement and out of the tree line when he gets delusions of grandeur behind the wheel. We thought that was pretty much the extent of things, but as one UAE driver demonstrates in the video after the jump, the Continental's AWD and trick air suspension let a Bentley GTC hold its own in a 4x4 caravan through sand dunes and over a desert road. With the stock wheel/tire setup, no less. Be forewarned: the music becomes a little grating after the first couple of minutes. Now please excuse us, as we've got a sudden hankering for falafel. Thanks for the tip, lowlow!

[Source: YouTube]

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