According to a professor at UCLA, GM's problems are pretty easy to fix... for Toyota. That's right, General Motors may not be able to right its own ship, but Michael Intrilligator, professor of economics, political science and public policy at UCLA and a senior fellow at the Milken Institute and the Gorbachev Foundation of North America, believes that Toyota would be able to step right in and solve the problem right away. No problem, right?

Just as JPMorgan Chase & Co. took over rival Bear Stearns, Intriligator suggests that GM jobs - especially those of engineers and scientists - and factories could be saved with such a takeover while its poor management could be replaced. Here's Intrilligator's moist salient point: "Judging by [last year's sales and market share] numbers, Toyota obviously knows how to run an international auto company while GM plainly doesn't." Right. According to the professor, the U.S. Treasury could work hand-in-hand with Japan's Ministry of Finance in facilitating the deal.

Intrilligator seems to believe that the environment would be better off with Toyota at the helm through "higher mileage for conventional engines and the use of hybrid gas-electric technologies." Sorry, but GM's powertrains have never been its problem, and the American automaker has managed to develop excellent hybrid hardware in the form of its latest 2-Mode technology and is getting very far into its new extended-range EV technology as well. As for the rest of the company? We welcome your comments, questions and snide remarks.

[Source: Michael D. Intrilligator / The Auto Channel]

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