Looking to further tighten up its hammerlock on General Motors, the UAW would reportedly like a seat on the automaker's board as a reward for helping it garner federal dollars. Marc McQuillen, president of UAW Local 2404 in Charlotte, North Carolina, has posted on his group's website that the suspension of the jobs bank and a two-year delay on automaker payments into the retiree healthcare fund are concessions enough for the UAW to seek a seat at the big table. We visited the website ourselves and couldn't find any such declaration, so it must have already been removed. While this particular local union has been shooting off its mouth in the Tarheel state, GM says it has not been asked for any such thing by the UAW itself. We think perhaps the brain should get back in touch with what its pinky toe is doing before trying taking over the world.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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