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Like the Ford F-350 Harley Davidson Edition, Dodge Ram Big Horn Edition and Ivon "Ironman" Stewart Signature Series Tundra from Toyota, Automoblox has just debuted a new special edition version of its own T9 truck in time for the holidays. Called the T9-SE Signature Series, the new heavy hauler sports silver and red emblems, the signature of designer Patrick Calello himself, metallic black connectors, a painted pick-up bed and specially decorated people inside the cab. While the T9-SE is going for the same price as other special edition models at the Automoblox Store ($40), it is the toy maker's first truly limited edition model. As such, only 2,000 have been and will ever be made. After the initial run is sold out, the T9-SE will be an instant collector's item. We would suggest not taking your T9-SE out of the box if you get one, but honestly, we doubt there's much chance of that happening.

[Source: Automoblox]

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