At 5:00 AM PST this morning, the 2008 25 Hours of Thunderhill restarted after a fog-induced 7.5-hour delay. We were able to catch a few hours of sleep in the interim and got word at 4:30 AM from team Cytosport that the fog was lifting and that the race would be underway shortly.

NASA hasn't updated their live scoring page with new information yet, but by our count, just over 50 cars are on the track, another half-dozen are prepping in the hot pits and the rest are in various states of disrepair. We're sitting about 20 feet away from the #27 Team MPME/Team Scion/Modified Mag Scion tC and with a new transmission already in place, the crew expects to be back on the track within 30 minutes.

While the pea soup that postponed the race has thinned out, it's still far from clear. The thickness of the fog varies depending on when you look out on the track, with the crow's nest being visible one second and then totally obscured in a grey blanket the next. More to follow in the next few hours... we're off in search of caffeine.

: Cytosport car has been hit by an unknown Honda. Word from a member of the crew is that the rear suspension is toast. Updates and photos shortly.

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