The Mustang has enjoyed an uninterrupted production run of (nearly) 45 years, with average annual sales topping 200,000 cars during that time. However, with the struggling economy and the 2010 Mustang set to hit dealerships in the spring of next year, sales of the normally hot-selling pony car have gone from a gallop to a slow trot. November sales totaled just 3,667 units, an all time monthly low that is more than a 50% drop compared to last year. Total sales for the year are down more than 30% compared to the first eleven months in 2007. On the positive side, if you prefer the looks of the current 'Stang compared to the new one, you can probably get a pretty good deal at your local Ford dealership. Many dealerships still have quite a few 2008 models they need to move off their lots, and Ford is currently offering employee pricing (GT500 excluded).


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