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For big jobs, only a big hybrid will do. This is where the Dueco/Odyne plug-in hybrid (PHEV) trucks come in. These heavy duty vehicles can save 5-10 gallons of fuel a day, according to Dueco, and that adds up quickly, even with sub-$2 gallons of gasoline. The savings come from the stored electrical energy that can power up the " aerial lifts, digger derricks and other hydraulically powered equipment" that the rigs are outfitted with. The climate control system is run off the battery system as well, so these trucks don't need to idle - getting 0 mpg - at the work site. When in motion, the hybrid system provides launch assist and can store captured braking energy.

Not all is perfect with these trucks. The Dueco PHEV needs a three-phase, 240-volt outlet to recharge at the end of the day and Dueca says that they expect the batteries to need replacement once during the life of the vehicle.

[Source: Dueco]

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