Odyne, Dueco will build PHEV aerial lift truck

Odyne and Dueco announced an agreement last week that the two companies will work to develop a proprietary plug-in hybrid electric propulsion system that will be optimized for use in aerial lift trucks (sometimes known as cherry pickers, like the truck in the lower right in the image above).

The two companies aren't saying much about how the PHEV system will be implemented, just the typical lines about how off-peak charging will save money and that PHEVs represent environmental friendliness. The batteries in the vehicles will provide on-site power without needing to run the vehicle's engine. Potential customers include "utilities, telephone and cable companies, electrical contractors, tree-trimming companies, railroads, the military and the government." Odyne says.

[Source: Odyne]
Odyne, Dueco Agree to Develop Plug-in Hybrid Aerial Lift Truck

Source: PR Newswire [May 06, 2007] - Odyne Corporation (OTCBB:ODYC), a leading developer of advanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology for trucks and buses, today announced an agreement with Dueco, Inc., to develop a proprietary plug-in hybrid electric vehicle propulsion system optimized for aerial lift truck applications.

Dueco can incorporate this propulsion system for customers requesting plug-in hybrid electric aerial lift trucks. Dueco's customers require trucks with aerial lifts enabling workers to make repairs on equipment like traffic lights, elevated power lines or telecommunication cables. These customers include utilities, telephone and cable companies, electrical contractors, tree-trimming companies, railroads, the military and the government.

Roger M. Slotkin, CEO of Odyne Corporation, commented, "We are pleased to have formed this important alliance with Dueco, which has established an impressive presence and reputation of quality for over 50 years. In order to operate the vehicle systems during the long time periods that Dueco's customers perform work at elevated levels, the engine must be idling in a conventionally powered vehicle. Odyne addresses the unique challenge to eliminate engine idling. By installing our technology, Dueco's trucks can be plugged into the power grid at night, providing enough power to work at job sites with the engine off, thus reducing pollution and fuel use. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Dueco."

Thomas Dalum, CEO of DUECO, stated, "Odyne's technology is important to our industry and the environment. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a cost-saving and environmentally friendly vehicle to address their needs. We believe that Odyne's focus on plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology will be especially beneficial for utilities. The ability to use "off-peak" domestic electric power to recharge the system will increase fuel economy and reduce pollution. Odyne's ability to customize its technology to meet our customers' unique specifications makes us an important resource for companies and entities seeking a better solution."

About Odyne Corporation

Odyne Corporation is a clean technology company that develops and manufactures propulsion systems for advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), specifically for medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses. The company has developed a proprietary system combining electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology, with standard electric motors, storage batteries and other off the shelf components to create a lower fuel cost, lower operation and maintenance cost, substantially lower emission and quieter vehicle. . Visit www.odyne.com for more information.

About Dueco, Inc.

DUECO, the largest privately owned final stage manufacturer of Terex Utilities and Hi-Ranger products in the country, is a family company with over 50 years of experience in the sale and service of aerial devices, digger derricks, cranes and other equipment. The company also provides its customers with conductor handling equipment, pullers and tensioners, trailers, excavators, loader backhoes, wheel loaders. Committed to customer satisfaction, DUECO is the source for electric utility, telecommunications, contractor, electric cooperative, municipality, railroad and tree care needs in a 14-state region that reaches from the Midwest to the East Coast.

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