We're waiting with bated breath for the December 15 unveiling of the all-new BMW Z4, but as we inch closer to Z-day we're getting a clearer picture of how the redesigned roadster will look. On Wednesday we caught a glimpse of the Z4 that revealed much smoother, very un-Bangle-looking side panels. Above is the newest Z4 teaser, and as you can see, its a booty shot. The first thing we noticed was the bulging rear wheel arch, which gives the Z4 a more sporting personality than its predecessor. BMW designers also added a strong character line that starts from the inside of the headlamp and continues back to the very BMW-looking tail lamps, complete with white LED accent lights. Two healthy-sized exhaust tips reside out back to keep the Z4's naturally aspirated or turbocharged 3.0L in-line six breathing freely.

If you see the hard top and assume that you're looking at the Z4 coupe, you're likely wrong. The new Z4 will come as a hard-top convertible for 2009, with a soft-top variant rumored to be arriving one year later. Future Zs could also include an M-inspired variant with the M3's 4.0L V8 and a smaller Z2 roadster. The new Z4 looks very promising, but we'll hold off on final judgment until we can check out the high-res photos on the 15th.

[Source: BMW Blog]

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