It's hard to image a more beautiful place than Hawaii. But Shai Agassi and Linda Lingle want to make it a "Better Place." The volcanic archipelago is one of the most remote populated places on the planet, sitting out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That means that almost anything except the fruit that's grown there and the fish caught in the sea is much more expensive than anywhere else in the US because of the transportation costs. The tropical environment is also extremely sensitive to disruptions like pollution, be it breathable or noise.
In an effort to stem those problems, governor Linda Lingle has signed up Agassi and his Better Place start up (they've been discussing the option since May, at least). Better Place will start implementing a network of 50-100,000 public charging stations around the islands between now and 2012. The charging stations would get power mostly from renewable energy sources in the island chain. Hawaii is actually one of the places where EVs make the most sense. Since even the Big Island is not that huge and places like Oahu and Kauai are relatively small, long road trips are not really much of an issue. Even a 100-mile EV wouldn't leave anyone stranded. The tropical climate stays pretty consistent year-round so that EVs won't have to deal very cold or hot temperatures either.

From the ABG Archives: The First Electric Car in Hawaii.

[Source: Honolulu Advertiser]

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