Over the last several years, over 100,000 car buyers have received money back from the federal government after buying hybrid vehicles. However, individual owners are far from the only ones that have switched to hybrid drive vehicles. Many business fleets have taken on hybrids in order to reduce operating costs. Many of those commercial fleets are leased through GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services. Over the last three years, GE Capital has devised a process to get the government rebates and then in turn give that money back to customers. Since the program started the company has processed over $5.7 million in rebates for customers.

One interesting question that came up following the reveal of the MINI E a couple of weeks ago was whether those cars would be eligible for the similar $7,500 rebates that Congress approved for plug-in vehicles. We've asked BMW officials about this but they haven't yet been able to provide an answer. It's not clear if the MINI E is eligible because of the short 12 month lease and the fact that the vehicles are for testing purposes.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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