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Scraping the ice off windshields is anything but fun. But just because it's a chore, doesn't mean it can't also be swathed in simple Swedish luxury. Saab is looking to make ice scraping easier with the introduction of the Funk-Is, which combines plexiglass, sheepskin, and leather to create a simple Swedish solution to a problem that is as old as the automobile itself. The compact scraper has an angled plexiglass surface that makes getting to tight spots easier, yet its blade is rounded to limit damage to window seals.

The Funk-Is isn't very big, yet it brakes the bank with a suggested retail price of $72.50. We appreciate the comfort of a sheep-skin grip as much as the next blogger, but we could think of more pressing items we'd rather have in our stocking. But if you live and breath all things Trollhattan, the Funk-Is could be a dream come true.

[Source: Luxist]

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