We had a good laugh at the Speedfit the other day, but what do you think of the Treadmill Bike? It's got a lot of the same quirkiness, but somehow seems more like a vehicle I'd actually want to drive/ride. Perhaps it's because it looks more like a bike, something I'm quite happy to ride on. Whatever the reason, there's no question the bike has gotten heaps of publicity since going on sale about two years ago.

What is the Treadmill Bike? Well, it's pretty much a little treadmill on wheels, where your legs provide the power to move the wheels. Bike Forest, the company behind the machine, says that "this fabulous piece of fitness equipment offers an excellent cardiovascular workout while transporting you from point A to point B. Save time by exercising while you travel." Not quite sure how this'd fit into my life, but it's at least fun to contemplate. Price to make it real: $2500 Canadian, eh!

Video comedy featuring the Treadmill Bike after the jump.

[Source: BikeForest]

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