Hello Kitty, we've been expecting you. According to Auto Express, what you see here is slated to hit showrooms in 2010 and will go up against such luxury and performance stalwarts as the Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe, BMW's 3 Series Coupe and the Audi A5. It's definitely got the looks to compete on equal footing, with the trendy high belt-line and minimal glass surface area. Where the XF sedan features slinky lines, this XF bulges in an exaggerated show of power, making the new Coupe a much more aggressive design overall.

Jaguar's latest leaper is also expected to showcase the automaker's newest V8 engine, now displacing 5.0L and generating 500 supercharged horses. This engine will also make an appearance in the XFR and allow Jaguar to offer a British alternative to the BMW M cars, MB AMGs and Audi Rs, not to mention the latest Cadillac CTS V-Series, which is soon to lose two of its doors, as well. We don't know when and where this car will debut, but UK pricing is expected to be about £35,000 (about $53K in US dollars).

[Source: Auto Express]

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