BMW's 1 Series is stuck between a rock and a hard place, neatly slotting in between BMW's perennial best-selling 3-series and the FWD wunderkind, MINI. Loaded-up Coopers pass the $30K mark with ease and the base 3-Series model starts in the same neighborhood. This doesn't leave much wiggle room with the 1 Series, but BMW is looking to make the most of what little extra market share is available. One segment that the Bavarian automaker is looking to explore is the "shooting brake" body style (think 2-door wagon) that would add a dose of practicality to the small coupe in the form of a rear hatch.

This type of vehicle has historically fared rather poorly in the style-conscious United States, but Europeans seem more apt to choose practical hatch-like styles, so we'd expect the new model to debut across the pond for sure. BMW is expected to launch a new version of its entry-level model that will be larger and offer downsized engines with direct injection and forced induction burning both gasoline and diesel fuel.

[Source: Auto Bild via Motor Authority]

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