Click above for high-res image gallery of CSULA's supermileage ride

Far from the major automakers' glitzy unveilings - which, granted, were less crazy than in past years - at the LA Auto Show, the CSULA Supermileage Vehicle sits like an alien's egg on some red carpet in the basement of the LA Convention Center. This sleek bubble is powered by a single-cylinder 2 hp engine and can reach a top speed of 63 miles per hour. The supermileage part? This thing gets an astounding 853 mpg and is of the same family - totally unpractical, hyper-efficient experiments - as the 2,843 mpg winner of the Shell Eco-Marathon. CSULA's engineering and technology students have done a fine job with these yellow wheels and see-through top. My favorite part is the water bottle bungee corded to the top (you can see it more clearly in this picture). Anyone know what that's for?

UPDATE: changed all mistaken references from UCLA to CSULA.

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