Click image at right for high-res gallery of some random sights from Los Angeles.

While we did a lot of coverage of the LA Auto Show this week, there are always some interesting things at the convention center that just don't make into a post of their own. We've collected a bunch of photos that we thought were worth sharing and decided to just dump them into a gallery so you could experience it for yourself. Click on the gallery and you'll see performers that helped Infiniti launch the new G37 Convertible (above), the Mazda3 designer's colorful choice of footwear, Tony Hawk's dream Jeep, a lemon chiffon Rolls-Royce, an unfortunate quality control issue at Maybach, Hell freezing over (for some) at Toyota, and just a bunch of random interesting cars that we've seen before perhaps, but that happened to catch our eyes in LA. We hope you enjoy our farewell to Los Angeles. We can hardly wait for Detroit in January.

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