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An old Chevy S10 that's missing it's engine - but has a bank of batteries and an electric motor in its place - has turned up on eBay. The converted S10 has a 27 HP motor (well, that's what the seller thinks it is, anyway), 20 6V DC batteries and the original 5 speed transmisson. The seller put the batteries in last year and, with the included 30 amp, 220V charger, will charge the truck in about eight hours. This charge is good for about 40 miles and, understandably, the seller has been using this vehicle as an errand runner.The auction ends tomorrow. Current bid is $2,225 but the reserve hasn't been met. Buy it now price is $8,000.

This isn't the only S10 converted to run on electrons. Stanly Community College converted one as part of their EV truck series.

[Source: eBay via EcoModder]

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