It's usually fun to speculate on what the future might hold, but this is one case where we're not so enthused. First of all, nobody in their right mind really wants to see GM fold (at least they shouldn't), regardless of the fact that it has been mismanaged for a good portion of its 100-year run. There have been some seriously cool machines that have rolled out of GM's various divisions, not the least of which is the iconic American sportscar, the Corvette. The 'Vette has succeeded where others have failed in providing a relatively inexpensive way for Americans to enjoy world class performance, and things have recently taken a turn for the better with the Z06 and ZR1 models. But, what would happen to the American classic if the General were to go bankrupt and couldn't recover? Would the Corvette cease to exist?

This exact question is currently being contemplated by forum members at GM Inside News. One inexplicable suggestion is that Toyota would be the best automaker to take the reigns of the Corvette brand -- a theory that's been met with a fair amount of skepticism. After taking just one look at the latest 'Vette wearing a Toyota badge, we nearly shed a tear. The comments are open -- let the debate rage.

[Source GM Inside News]

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