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There is just way too much happening on the Local Motors site. Hundreds of vehicle sketches, people voting on this and that, different phases of the competition with names like Design, Checkup, and Garage Voting. But, if you ignore the complexity of the interface, you'll find a few totally cool automotive ideas, like the Green Apple city car, above. The idea behind Local Motors is to have a community design a car and then build it in their local area. Forget the 100 mile diet, this is like the 100 mile car - if it ever comes together.

For now, there are all the sexy sketches to look at. I've put some of my favorites in the gallery below - I particularly like the solar panels on the VW-like van concept that turns into an open air cinema. Not all of the designs are green cars, but Local Motors does stress "sustainable practices in manufacturing, as well as utilization of lightweight materials technology and efficient powertrains," as LM's Ariel Ferreira wrote in an email to AutoblogGreen. "The coolest part about Local Motors, is that the customers choose which cars will be built per region. They choose the design, they choose the best and most efficient powertrain option for the local area."

[Source: Local Motors]

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