Piaggio MP3 hybrid to achieve 141 mpg!

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We've been following the developments of Piaggio's hybrid MP3 since it was in its initial concept stages. Thankfully, it is getting ever closer to production, meaning some early details are beginning to leak out regarding its performance. Our friend Wes at Hell For Leather has procured some interesting tidbits regarding the hybrid three-wheeler, including astronomical fuel mileage rating of 141 miles per gallon. That's pretty amazing, though we're unsure of the conditions necessary to achieve that figure. Still, there are four modes available, including electric only and three separate hybrid options, that allow for the rider to achieve maximum efficiency or maximum performance.

While the scooter is capable of using its 125cc engine and regenerative braking to keep its batteries topped up, the machine can also be plugged into a normal electric outlet and can completely charge its batteries in three hours. We're not yet sure how much range of electric-only operation that will allow. The batteries are stored under the seat and there's still enough storage room left over for a full-face helmet. We had a great time riding the regular models, and we're ready for all the details on this exciting machine, including when it will officially go on sale.

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[Source: Hell For Leather]

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