Click above for two high-res pics of the Hyundai Genesis Prada

Nobody blinked when Subaru and L.L. Bean hooked up. Or when Mercury and Nautica got busy. And remember those Levis Edition Jeeps? That actually worked.

But South Korea's Hyundai and Italian fashion house Prada? Ummm. Just a few years ago it would have been laughable, and possibly an enormously bad business decision for Prada. But Hyundai's gone all upscale with the Genesis and, in this economy, Prada's not nearly as picky about where it gets publicity.

In April, Hyundai will show one of three Prada Genesis sedans at the Seoul Motor Show. The other two cars will be auctioned for charity at the Prada Transformer, which is some kind of temporary building that will showcase art, cinema and fashion events. Whatever. All we know is that buyers of the Prada cars can probably expect some of the best leather seats they've ever sat in for probably the most money ever paid for a Hyundai. At least it's for charity.

[Source: Carscoop]

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