A little while ago we showed you some renderings of the upcoming Zero being developed by the Tazzari Group in Italy. While the only thing we learned about it since then is that it might be added to the growing stable of electric cars available from Britain's NICE Car Company, a video appears to have been leaked onto the intertubez of a partially-built Zero hooning about a parking lot. Although some medium speed electric vehicles might promise sporty performance, the Tazzari Zero might actually deliver. Its top speed is only about 55 mph but it seems to accelerate nicely and the driver seems to sling it through the turns with apparent ease. If you watch closely, you'll also see another of the two-seaters sitting pretty in the parking lot. This one has fenders and possibly doors and we think looks much better than the original renderings. Better check it out soon though. The video is titled, "Stolen T-Zero prototype video clip" and if that's accurate, it may be removed. Hit the jump for all the Italian parking lot hotrodding action.

[Source: YouTube]

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