<Seinfeld> What's the deal with all these new car teasers? </Seinfeld> Seriously, between Ford's ridiculously slow reveal of the new 2010 Mustang GT and Toyota's just plain ridiculous early 2010 Prius teasers, we're becoming less and less interested when each new non-revealing image is released. Still, it's our job to reports on such things, so without further ado, here are the fifth and sixth officially released shots of various Prius bits.

Teaser image 5 was revealed on November 3rd and shows a new translucent blue shifter, complete with the requisite B-Mode, which allows for the driver to choose how much engine braking the car uses as opposed to regenerative and friction braking alone. See here for a much more detailed explanation. Teaser image 6 shows a set of digital gauges that are either mounted in the dash or as part of a heads-up display. We'll know for sure at the Detroit Auto Show in January when the third-gen Prius is officially revealed in all its glory.

[Source: John's Stuff]

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