Rumormill: Toyota Prius coupe in the works

Even though Toyota has made it clear that a separate Prius brand isn't a sure thing, that doesn't mean that more body styles of the iconic fuel miser aren't on their way. The latest speculative Prius variant comes courtesy of MotorTrend, which has mocked up a rendering of what a Toyota Prius coupe could look like. Although the idea of a 2+2 hybrid with a lower roofline and some sporting pretenses might seem odd given the Prius' main claim to fame, Toyota doesn't want to be left out in the cold when the also-hybrid Honda CR-Z goes on sale within the next two years.
Predictably, the coupe would share the same drivetrain as its five-door stable-mate, consisting of a new 1.8-liter engine (300cc larger than the current Prius) while returning fuel economy on par or exceeding the outgoing model. The coupe would be lighter than the sedan, allowing the 2+2 to be both quicker and possibily more fuel-efficient.

MT also mentions that the production version of the Toyota A-BAT is still in limbo as the automaker determines under which brand it wants to sell the hybrid pickup. It was originally thought the A-BAT would be offered as a Scion, but Toyota's pledge to only offer one generation of each model in its "youth" brand and the automaker's need to bring its CAFE numbers in check might mean that the A-BAT will don a Toyota badge when (if?) it goes on sale after 2010.

[Source: MotorTrend]

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