More Photos: Ferrari unveils Scuderia Spider 16M at Mugello

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The summer season may be over, but that won't stop Ferrari from going topless. Because in Italy, the end of the beach season is superseded only by the end of the Formula One season, and this year the Scuderia took home the constructors' title. To celebrate, Ferrari has unveiled the Scuderia Spider 16M at the annual finals at its Mugello circuit in northern Italy, the same place the company revealed the enhanced FXX Evoluzione last year.

As we've already reported, the Scuderia Spider is a limited-edition roadster amalgamating the best features of the existing 430 Scuderia and F430 Spider, giving a lucky 499 customers a blistering open-air driving experience faster than any Maranello has offered before. The rest of us can only ogle and admire from afar, so check out the updated gallery of high-resolution images by clicking the thumbnails below. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips!

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