Driving around the streets of Los Angeles, it is easy to spot a plethora of Honda Civics attempting to achieve the appearance of the world's fastest economy car. Huge shopping cart wings, monster tachometers and racing stripes often highlight the package. Legitimate world record speed isn't achieved on any city street, however, and not with any aerodynamic packages reminiscent of shopping. It is achieved on the Bonneville Salt Flats in northwestern Utah. The latest records indicate that there is only one car with the claim to the title of World's Fastest Honda Civic. That car happens to belong to automotive writer Richard Holdener and it is currently available for sale on eBay.

Richard's Lucas Oil sponsored 1999 Honda Civic Si ran a top speed of 227.7 mph back in August of this year. Despite the Civic's ability to produce 728 hp at 29 psi of boost, the record was achieved with only 15.2 psi. Inherently weak stock Honda CV joints were apparently the hold-up in laying down the full power band. It certainly wasn't due to any failure of the engine components, since the parts list reads like a roll call of some of the best names in the American Honda tuning game. Any small-displacement four cylinder engine tuned to output in excess of 700 ponies has to be stocked to the gills with improvements. The cost to own this piece of history, and the potential to make some of your own, starts at $21,777.77. The car's located in Las Vegas, Nevada, so those must be some lucky 7's in the price.

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[Source: eBay Motors]

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