It seems that Beijing citizens aren't having an easy go of following the car ban. I mean, how could you find these rules complicated? Private vehicles are divided into five groups, and care that have license plates that end with a "1" or a "6" are banned on Mondays, those with "2" or "7" are banned on Tuesdays, and so on. Everyone can drive on weekends. Currently, the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper runs a front-page notice each morning to remind owners which cars are allowed on the roads that day. Now, as if that's not enough, the local transport authority has announced that the rules have been changed. This will only lead to more problems, since people seem to prefer driving over other options. At least one resonable person quoted in the article states that it would be a better idea to improve mass transit in the city to make all vehicles get through the cite more efficiently.

[Source: China Times via Gasgoo]

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