Click above for high-res gallery of the Batsmart from SEMA

Hey, times are tough, even if you're Bruce Wayne. The downturn of the economy makes fighting crime an even more expensive nocturnal hobby than it was before. Plus, burning all of that jet fuel for past versions of the Batmobile is a real environmental bummer. For these reasons and more, we're pretty fond of the new Batsmart. There's only room for one Batdriver and one sidekick, so if any bad guys or evil henchmen are caught (or Catwomen need a ride home), Robin is just going to have to walk home to the Batcave. That's all right on account of all the gasoline saved in the process, right?

In all seriousness, this Batsmart was recently spotted - where else? - at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and will actually be made available to the public in very limited quantities. We're especially fond of the air intake for the rear-engine that's made to look like the business end of a jet turbine.

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