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KTM is set to go racing next year with its RC8 R superbike, which is hot off the presses from the EICMA show in Milan. Featuring a V-Twin engine that displaces 1195cc's (that's almost the maximum size allowed for racing against liter-class fours), the liquid cooled engine pumps out 165 horsepower or 180 with the optional race exhaust. We'd expect a significant chunk of torque from the 75-degree twin cylinder as well, which the machine will rely on as it goes up against the stratospheric revvers from Japan.

Styling-wise, we're totally smitten with its angular bodywork and flat black paint colors. Combined with the orange frame and matte white highlights, the Austrian firm offers a distinctive look compared to the sensual Ducatis and Aprilias, swoopy bikes from the Big Four Japanese manufacturers and the purposeful BMW. We're not sure what KaTooM will charge for the priviledge of owning an R-model, but those unwilling to pony up the extra dough can still opt for the standard 1148cc RC8.

Also new from KTM is a touring version of its 990cc V-Twin powered Supermoto, which gets a small fairing, more comfortable ergos and some luggage. There's also an R model of the Supermoto for those who wish to drag a foot instead of a knee as on the RC8. The Supermoto R goes the exactly opposite direction from the T by losing weight and upping the suspension and braking bits. Lastly, there's a new 990 Adventure R model that loses the ABS, adds 9 horses and gets better suspension and brakes. All the bikes get cool new looks, so be sure to click past the break for the rest of the galleries.

[Source: KTM]

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