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It's hard to follow up on such a lust-worthy supercar as the 8C Competizione, but that won't stop Alfa Romeo from trying. With the initial run of 500 coupes already hitting the roads and the U.S. allotment already sold out,Alfa is set to begin delivery of a second batch of roadsters, called the 8C Spider. Demand is high for the limited-production convertible, but those committed to getting their hands on one will have to pay a considerable premium. About 40% more over the six-figure price of the fixed-roof version, to be exact, with the Spider selling for 174,000 in the UK versus the 123,000 charged there for the 8C Competizione. No doubt they'll still sell out in a heartbeat, allowing Alfa to move on to producing the anticipated final iteration of the 8C: the lighter-weight, more powerful GTA, which will undoubtedly command an even higher premium. Beauty, as they say, has its price.

[Source: evo]

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