Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ugliest Mustang Ever

We called it the Ugliest. Mustang. Ever. Our readers called it a pony with rabies, a monstrosity and an abomination. Many of you didn't even believe the car was real. For some reason the guys over at Rich Evans Designs were willing to once again face public humiliation and brought out what they call the "Hardcore Knight" Mustang to SEMA once again. We thought we noticed some differences, and looking back at the photos from last year, we can see they added a few extra spikes (for good measure) to the roof line and the mirrors. Everything else remains relatively the same, including the belief that they can actually sell versions of the car to the public. Rich Evan's web site claims that they will be producing 100 limited edition cars and up to 1000 of the 19-piece component kits to make your own. We wish him the best of luck.

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