Oh, you thought it was over, didn't you? Well, you (and I) should be so lucky. Last week, Knight Rider was pre-empted by the Obamercial, so your humble blog host got a much-appreciated bye. Tonight, however, the 8:00 hour on Wednesday is once again hijacked by the KITT crew.

The official NBC.com episode synopsis:
"Knight of the Living Dead" Halloween turns deadly when a tech is murdered inside Knight Industries headquarters.

And the expanded version, according to my Tivo:
"Knight of the Living Dead" A tech is murdered at Knight Industries headquarters; while they are stuck on a flight during a storm, Sarah and Mike must try to stop KITT before it self-destructs.

Oh, goody -- a week-too-late Halloween episode featuring problematic air travel. On the upside, maybe Billy is the tech who gets murdered. Keep hope alive.

Knight Rider Liveblog
Season 1, Episode 6
"Knight of the Living Dead"
November 5, 2008
8:00 PM

All times are Eastern.

It's rainy at the KITTcave, Billy has to defend Captain Jack from Torchwood's sexuality, and this song sucks.

Encrypted message incoming. Everyone is stern-faced and cross-checking. It's Mike and Sarah's lame Halloween joke. For some reason, Sarah's opening-shot eye makeup makes her look like Jocelyn Wildenstein. That's bad.

Now we're talking about favorite holidays, because this show is full of super action. Sentimantality on a C-130 with a talking car sucks.

Waiting for someone to die... Bruce Davison has a CGI severed hand. Everyone is stoked for the office Halloween party. Yes, I just wrote that.

KITT just turned into a Warriors in Pink Mustang for Halloween, complete with relocated KITT lights... good grief.


Theme Music

KITTCave chaos. Zoe and Bruce Davison live. KITT is making like a flight attendant and telling Mike and Sarah to keep seatbelts on on the plane. Warriors in Pink KITT is doing a burnout inside the plane.

No location shooting today so far. Someone's trying to save money... Everyone's looking for the shooter. It's apparently too hard to find the surveillance footage of the shooter in HQ, but other times, they can pull up live satellite footage anything. Zoe is happy to see Billy.

On Air KITT, Mike and Sarah are worried they hurt KITT's feelings. They are not sorry they insult your intelligence on a weekly basis.

Billy has some magic parabolic mic. KITT is set to self-destruct. We have a KARR reference!


Time to defuse KITT, but it's complicated, natch. I somehow missed the part where he turned into a convertible. Billy's magic parabolic mic is is recreating the shooting, because you can do anything in Knight Rider, except the one thing that NEEDS to be done at any given moment.

KITT suggests taking one for the team and getting thrown from the plane. This is a good idea, because it would end the show.

The magic data from the magic parabolic mic goes into the magic computer and comes up with magic DNA results. They want to lobotomize KITT. Me first, please.

Panic in the KITTcave. The shooter is a chick. It's Carrie's voice! Jungle Julia, you traitor bitch.


8:36: They demand Carrie's weapon. Carrie, shoot everyone in the SSC right now. Everyone is shocked. There's an issue with the surveillance tape playback. Sarah wants to yank KITT's engine to get rid of the bomb. All that air turbulence subsides so Mike can get under KITT.

8:39: KITT is now running his own Knight Rider clip show, reminding us how much the other episodes sucked, too.

8:40: Big surprise, Carrie's getting framed. Now there's a fire in the KITTcave. Torres 'doesn't care if this whole place goes down in flames." Amen, brother, and let me extend that sentiment to the KITTplane, too.


8:45: There's no fire. KITT realizes that he may be able to self-program. Here comes the KARR history lesson. Uhh, when exactly did KARR become something out of Robotech?

8:49: Blah blah blah, it's all a setup. Mike wants to stop downloading KITT. It's too late. We have a Sexy Cheerleader Zoe doppelganger. And she has a gun to Billy's head. Do it.


8:53: Fake Zoe wants the KIKTT files. KITT is still willing to die. Billy leads fake Zoe into the tunnel. Torres and Carrie show up. It's a gun party. Carrie actually says, "I'll drop you like a bad habit." Mexican standoff.

8:55: Real Sexy Cheerleader Zoe ninjas out of an air vent and takes out Fake Sexy Cheerleader Zoe. The cargo door on the KITTplane is open, convertible KITT is ready to die. Bruce Davison saves the day. KITT lives to turn into other Fords another day.

8:57: Fake Zoe offs herself. KITT returns to the KITTcave. Bruce Davison knows that KARR is still out there. Obviously, we're gonna get a KARR episode. Now, if new Knight Rider was awesome, KARR would be a 2-tone Trans Am. But it sucks, so he'll be this CGI robot thing we saw on the screen earlier.

Next Week: Mike KITT and Sarah battle "a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde" who roll in vintage Mopar. See you guys then.

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