A Tesla Roadster was, sadly, crashed at speed in the South of France a few days ago. Details are somewhat sketchy and early reports contain some factual errors but after checking with Tesla Motors sales and marketing head Darryl Siry, we think we have the real skinny. Simon Rochefort, a Tesla Motors sales rep, was driving in a heavy rain with a passenger and hydroplaned on a curve in the highway and lost control. The all-electric sports car was traveling at close to 60 miles an hour (not 100 mph) at the time and no one was, thankfully, ejected. Although Simon did sustain a broken bone (reportedly in his hand), both passengers emerged from the wreck only slightly worse for wear. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the Roadster, going by the pics on it perched ignominiously atop the burned-out carcass of a mini-van in some nameless scrapyard that were published on WreckedExotics.com.

The car does appear to have performed its job of protecting its occupants quite well though. Our faithful readers may remember seeing the footage of official crash tests last year but car accidents that occur in the real world can have unpredictable results. Contrary to what some predicted might happen in this situation, we note that there was no explosion, no electrocution and no instant death as a result of the high-speed mishap. Thanks to Doug for the tip.

[Source: WreckedExotics.com / Tesla Motors]

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